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4610 Devereaux St. and 4500 Tyson Ave.
Philadelphia, PA, 19135


Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 8932
Philadelphia, PA 19135


Our Story


True Vine Wissinoming

True Vine is a church of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. We launched Sunday morning services on October 4th 2009.

We are a relatively small, informal church. We believe that a church should be an expression of the Kingdom of God within a local community. We encourage people to come as they are and seek a life-changing experience with Jesus.

Our philosophy of ministry is simple: “Bless Philadelphia”. We seek to bless Philly by providing services like a food pantry, addiction recovery meetings, caring for our neighbors, helping the needy and other practical expressions of God’s love. We also try to speak positively about our neighborhood and take practical actions to address areas of need within our community.

True Vine could be described as a “Presence-Based Church."  We focus our time, energy and resources on bringing people into God’s Manifest Presence.  We want people to know, feel and experience God.

 True Vine Tyson Ave

Our journey continued for five years before deciding to plant a second campus. We are one church community who meet in two locations. Our second campus was launched in April of 2014 when 30 of our Core Team leaders began meeting on Tyson Ave. in the Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood of Tacony.

Many churches use the two-service model when seeking to multiply disciples. At True Vine, we felt it would be better for our community and neighbors if we instead went to two campuses.


We believe that God’s Vision for us is to be a Missional, Prophetic, Diverse and Multiplying congregation.

Missional – Our church seeks to be Missionaries in our own zip code. We strive to be Biblically faithful and culturally relevant. We fulfill this purpose by participating in lots of community outreach and service. We also believe that life, ministry and growth can happen outside of the church-building walls, therefore we seek to have ministry in homes, restaurants and parks as well as in our building.

Prophetic – Our church displays prophetic elements in two ways: 1) We seek to see things how they could be as well as how they currently are. We know that God has a plan for our church and community and we focus on what He wants to do moving forward. 2) We are committed to display the person of Jesus in our community with boldness. At times this may mean direct preaching, confronting sin and social ills, or dramatic prophetic actions.

Diverse – Our church benefits from the diversity of our neighborhood. The diversity in our community has enabled True Vine to be a naturally diverse church. At True Vine, people of different races, ages and backgrounds are all able to come together and serve the same God.

Multiplying – Our church believes that health means reproducing. Trees produce trees and animals produce animals. Therefore, Christians ought to produce Christians and churches ought to produce churches. We go into life with the expectation that Jesus will reproduce his Kingdom through a healthy church.


The Living and Active Word of God – By this we mean more than a book.  We mean a living and active document that will confront, challenge and apply to your life.  We believe that it was inspired by the Holy Spirit and continues to be illuminated by the Holy Spirit.  Because it is God's primary way of communicating with us, it will serve as our functional authority regarding what we believe and how we live. (Heb. 4.12, 2 Tim. 3.16, 2 Peter 1.20-21)

Spirit-led Prayer – Through this practice we will seek our leading and direction from God.  We will gain strategy, philosophy, wisdom and insight as well as experience breakthroughs in prayer.  This will be our primary way of making our needs known to God.  (Acts 1.12-14, Matt. 7.7-12, Matt. 14.23)

Anointed Worship – We view worship as a lifestyle and seek to lead others into worshipful lifestyles.  We endeavor for our worship to be anointed and led by the Holy Spirit and to be a significant way to encounter the Presence of God.  (John 4.23-24, Exodus 34.14)

Authentic Relationships - Relationships, not programs or entertainment, will be how we impact people.  Through committed friendships, mentoring, service and other kinds of relationships we will not only be able to minister to our community, we will be able to learn about our community from those we are in relationship with.  (Matt. 10.1-15, Acts 4.32-37, Acts 17)

Kingdom Growth/Multiplication - When God created trees, animals, people and the church he made it normative for all of them to both grow and reproduce more of their kind.  If we are going to make God’s Presence known to the city of Philadelphia, we will need to multiply churches and ministry.

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